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HYCU now has 50 connectors to SaaS services to provide backups for them. It has set the ambitious goal of supporting 100 SaaS applications by the end of the year.

We highlighted earlier this year what HYCU’s views are concerning protecting SaaS applications. Many users are unaware that data from these apps is mostly unprotected, even though SaaS comprises 70 percent of organizations’ total software usage. To solve this problem, it set up R-Cloud to provide insight into which data was protected – and which was not.

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Now 50, heading to 100

HYCU says developers can integrate with HYCU R-Cloud via a low-code platform and API. “Introducing R-Cloud unlocked the ability to visualize an entire data estate, learn what data was protected and unprotected, and with 1-click simplicity, turn on protection when no other way was possible. This offered companies a simple yet powerful way to protect their entire data landscape. Today’s milestone marks not just an achievement, but a promise of our platform’s transformative power.”

Taylor had stated at the beginning of the year that the goal for 2023 was to build 100 connectors to SaaS apps. The current number should be doubled with just over a month to go. That sounds very ambitious.

HYCU names SaaS services such as Microsoft 365, Atlassian Confluence and Google Workspace that are supported. It also integrates with various solutions from Amazon, Google, Nutanix and Okta in terms of compute, storage, database and platform services.

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