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Pure Storage introduced an energy efficiency guarantee for Evergreen//One, one of the company’s storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solutions.

The energy-efficiency guarantee can be thought of as a service-level agreement (SLA) for energy consumption. According to Pure Storage, the SLA ensures that customers of Evergreen//One are capable of reducing CO2 emissions.

The SLA should allow companies to measure and limit the maximum number of Watts per tebibyte (TiB) used for block storage. Watt rates are based on the average energy consumed per day over the span of a month.

Service credits

When the guaranteed levels aren’t met, customers can request service credits. Credits can be exchanged for remedial services from Pure Storage.

Examples of services include replacing deployed data packs with larger data packs or consolidating small arrays into large arrays to meet the SLA at no additional cost.

Pure Storage introduced the SLA in an attempt to meet the demands of companies with green goals. Reducing energy consumption can significantly impact emissions.

The energy efficiency guarantee is one of multiple initiatives introduced by Pure Storage to help customers lower their carbon footprints. Earlier, the storage provider launched the Pure1 Sustainability Assessment and Energy Savings Visualizer tools.

Subscription services in demand

Pure Storage also announced that its subscription services do increasingly well. Subscription revenue reportedly exceeded $1 billion for the first time near the end of last year. In addition to Evergreen//One, the company’s service portfolio includes Pure Cloud Block Store and Portworx.

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