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Nokia and Kyndryl recently extended their existing collaboration in network and edge infrastructure by three years. The two parties will focus mainly on making private LTE and 5G networks and Industry 4.0 solutions available.

With the extension of their cooperation, the Finnish network provider and the IT infrastructure provider divested from IBM intend to focus primarily on providing companies with various private connectivity services. These include private LTE and 5G networks, as well as solutions for Industry 4.0 environments, which use edge infrastructure.

The companies see an important market in these network developments, especially for the industrial sector. Meanwhile, the existing cooperation between Nokia and Kyndryl already provides solutions for this at 100 locations in 24 countries.


The cooperation between the two companies offers customers a combination of both vertical and horizontal opportunities, is the idea. The parties themselves talk about things like innovation, tools and human expertise, for improving their IT, OT and business environments and operations.

Among other things, Kyndryl’s experts are highly versed in the Nokia portfolio of products and solutions. These include technology around edge, cloud, IP networks, optical networks, 4G, 5G and core networks. In addition, within the partnership, customers will also have access to Kyndryl’s network deployment functionality and Nokia’s wireless radio expertise.

Partnership with Palo Alto Networks

In the area of security, both parties are additionally working closely with Palo Alto Networks. These three parties plan to establish a joint lab that will focus exclusively on developing reliable, secure and controllable wireless connectivity for industrial networks. Among other things, this involves developing a zero-trust model for specifically these industrial networks that operates on both the IT and OT sides.

For the latter model, Kyndryl specialists are currently developing an integrated system. This system should then extend access and security beyond the (industrial) shop floor. Nokia’s DAC technology is being used for this purpose, including private LTE and 5G connectivity. This provides more freedom of movement and network reach, the thinking goes.

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