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Intel may delay its order for 3nm chips from Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC. The chip parts to be produced are intended for the new generation of Intel Arrow Lake processors.

According to Digitimes sources, the US chip giant is going to adjust the order for Intel 3 node-based processor parts due to cost savings and reduced demand for processors. The orders would be delayed until the fourth and last quarter of 2024.

This would further mean that the new generation Intel Arrow Lake processors would not be available until late in that quarter or the first quarter of 2024. This instead of the third quarter of next year that was the earlier prediction.

Arrow Lake technology

Intel Arrow Lake processors are composed of a central Intel N3 or 3 nanometer-based CPU unit with grouped “tiles” or chiplets. These chiplets handle different functionality of the processor, allowing it to deliver faster performance as well as energy efficiency. The chiplets to be produced by TSMC for this Arrow Lake processor handle GPU functionality.

Roadmap otherwise unchanged

Nothing else seems to have changed about the roadmap for Intel processors for this year and next. The Intel Raptor Lake processors for workstations and other applications will come to market later this year, as will the business generation Meteor Lake processors.

In this last series of also tiles-based Intel N4 or 7 nanometer processors, the U.S. chip giant is also cooperating with TSMC. The Taiwanese chip manufacturer makes the 5nm GPU and the 6nm SoC chips for this. This series of processors also uses state-of-the-art EUV technology in the manufacturing process for the first time.

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