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Amazon is going to cut another 9,000 jobs. The round of layoffs should ensure cost savings in the long term. This time Amazon will also cut jobs at AWS.

The new round of layoffs follows an earlier round announced early this year. Back then, it involved 18,000 jobs and was caused by difficult macroeconomic conditions.

Further cost-cutting is the main reason for this new round of layoffs. Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, indicates that the company has grown considerably in terms of employees in recent years. Therefore, in addition to the cost savings, the decision has now been made to further “streamline” the number of employees.

Jassy states that the reason there were three months between the two rounds of layoffs is that certain parts and teams within the company were too slow in making their planning for the coming years.

At the same time, the CEO announced that there is still staff being recruited for parts that Amazon has prioritized and where more money and people are going.

AWS also gets a round of layoffs

The Amazon units affected by the new round of layoffs are mainly the online retail and tech giant’s human resources department, advertising division and live video streaming service Twitch.

This time, AWS will not be spared either. How many jobs at Amazon’s public cloud business will be lost in this round was not disclosed. The complete round of layoffs should be completed by the end of April this year.

More new layoffs at big tech

Despite previous mass layoffs, Amazon is not the only tech giant to announce additional layoffs. Recently, Meta also announced another 10,000 job cuts, and five thousand jobs are no longer being filled. In November of 2022, the social media giant already laid off 13 percent (11,000 employees).

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