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emma, a startup based in Luxembourg with a no-code multicloud management application platform, has secured $6 million (€5.6 million) in funding.

emma states that organisations are moving towards multicloud operations to meet their business objectives due to its reliability and scalability. This comes with complexities associated with managing multicloud, and operational risks can prevent organisations from realising the true benefits of multicloud environments.

The startup aims to make cloud resources a commodity, and easy to access. “That’s why we’re creating the world’s first end-to-end, no-code cloud management platform that enables organisations to unlock all benefits of multicloud without the usual complexities and security risks associated with multi-cloud operations”, emma states.


To strengthen its goal, emma announced the $6 million funding to be used to grow its engineering team and speed up its development pipeline. This year it aims to launch new automation-related features, including infrastructure as code, agnostic transfers and autoscaling for managed services across different cloud service providers. In the future, the platform should also be upgraded to improve the existing native connectors to its customers’ private clouds. It will allow them to seamlessly scale workloads from private to public clouds, and avoid overhead in their hardware environments.

Another focus for 2023 is the expansion into the US. According to emma companies in the US are also struggling to manage their cloud environments. That’s exactly what the startup will try to solve by streamlining the tools used to manage cloud providers to just one application.

The $6 million in Seed funding, led by RTP Global, with participation from AltaIR Capital and CircleRock Capital, will ultimatelly support the development of the platform and increase the size of emma’s team in all regions.

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