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Intel has canceled one of its GPU SKUs intended for data centers. Following on from the Max 1550 earlier this year, the 1350 was to be the middle model within the product line. A 1450 with different specifications is coming later this year.

Intel’s graphics division has been in transition for some time. The group had already split in late 2022. Former head of the division Raja Koduri has since left. The roadmap of Intel’s next GPU generations has been delayed with the cancellation of its Rialto Bridge series.


Yet it is not only internal factors that concern Intel. The company claims that the 1450 is intended for ‘other markets’. Due to tensions between the U.S. and China, U.S. companies are not allowed to export GPUs with I/O bandwidths greater than 600 GB/s to China. It is very likely that as a replacement for the 1350, the 1450 will have specifications that meet these regulations. The tech giant still says it will launch the Max 1100 in the second quarter of this year.

In addition to the demise of the 1350 and its replacement with the 1450, there is now also an air-cooled variant of the 1550, reports Tom’s Hardware. Originally, there was only a water-cooled 1550 GPU.