Intel splits up GPU division AXG Graphics Group

Intel splits up GPU division AXG Graphics Group

Intel will split its Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group (AGX) into two different branches. Consumer GPUs move to the Client Compute Group (CCG) and server GPUs become part of the Data Center and AI (DCAI) division.

With the breakup, the chipmaker wants to compete more effectively. Intel believes the split will help customers understand what kind of GPUs they need. The move is hoped to accelerate GPU development in both business and consumer markets while scaling up go-to-market opportunities.


Server GPUs such as Ponte Vecchio and Rialto Bridge will become part of Intel’s datacenter portfolio. Consumer GPUs such as Intel Arc are moving to the consumer-orientated Client Compute Group (CCG). Intel said it will continue to develop existing and future gaming GPUs.

The chip giant also announced that Raja Koduri, AGX’s current division director, will take on a new role as Chief Architect at Intel. Koduri will focus on developing high-level engineering programs for integration between CPU, GPU and AI architectures, among other things.

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