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According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is working on new ARM chips to take on Apple silicon. With the project, the tech giant will compete with Apple’s recent MacBooks, which run on proprietary M chips.

In addition, the blog states that Microsoft is optimizing the new Windows 12 operating system for ARM architecture. These plans are made apparent through related job postings that the Redmond-based company has made.

Specifically, like Apple, Microsoft reportedly wants to design its own SOC (System-On-a-Chip) to provide specialized hardware for specific functions. With the introduction of the M1 chip, Apple provided stunning productivity improvements compared to the old Intel x86 architecture found in earlier MacBooks.


The job posting makes the plans crystal clear. “The candidate will be responsible for building complex, state-of-the-art SOCs using leading silicon technology nodes and will collaborate closely with internal customers and partners.” New hires will become part of the Microsoft Silicon Team.

Windows appeared on ARM before, for example, when Microsoft optimized Windows 8 for ARM-based platforms by converting it into Windows RT. Still, the choice to join the chip design battle is remarkable. As the world’s largest OS, Windows has been virtually inseparable from the x86 architecture for years. Intel and AMD have built their main business models around the ubiquitous technology. Microsoft’s ARM plans will therefore cause a stir around those headquarters too, beyond just Apple.

Windows 12

The ARM project will likely impact Windows 12 significantly. The new OS is expected to launch in 2024. The operating system is said to be equipped with many AI features. A specialized ARM chip should provide faster performance in this area. Since development around artificial intelligence is still going at a blazing speed, it is hard to say what the AI computing landscape will even look like in 2024.

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