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AWS may want to use AI chips from AMD processors. “We are still working together on exactly where that will land between AWS and AMD,” Amazon’s Dave Brown indicated.

Reuters reports that VP of elastic compute cloud at Amazon Dave Brown, stated at a recent AMD event that AWS and AMD are working together to develop AI processors.

However, he did keep a lid on the matter, stating that it is not yet clear what this particular collaboration will accomplish. Also, the tech giant is not giving a definitive answer as to whether it will use the latest AMD MI300 processors for its cloud infrastructure.

No interest in DGX Cloud

Another signal is that AWS is not looking to Nvidia for a collaboration around Nvidia DGX Cloud. According to Brown, the underlying business model was not attractive. AWS prefers to design its own servers. It does sell the Nvidia H100 processor for AI functionality, among other things, but only as part of a self-designed system.

Lately, many tech companies have been partnering with Nvidia when it comes to specific processors for AI purposes.

AMD strategy

During the AMD event, CEO Lisa Su also announced a new strategy to persuade (large) cloud providers to use AMD processors for AI services.

The chip maker would like to offer these companies a menu of options for this purpose, so they can build the right systems for AI services. Customers are free to choose from the menu options based on standard connections.

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