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Wiz is accused of patent infringement by competitor Orca Security. The complaint deals with Wiz’s entire business infrastructure.

Orca Security is filing a lawsuit against Wiz, reports SiliconANGLE. The company is accusing its competitor of patent infringement.

Founded in 2019, Orca Security describes itself as the pioneer in agentless cloud security. The company reportedly has about 500 employees. Competitor Wiz emerged one year later but has already grown to 1,000 employees. The company says it is reinventing cloud security from inside the cloud environment. Both security solutions run in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes. Wiz is adding Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

‘Business plan: to copy Orca’

According to the complaint, Wiz’s success is actually due to Orca Security: “Wiz built its business based on a simple business plan: to copy Orca.” Wiz doesn’t beat around the bush, claiming it copies everything from Orca’s messaging to “even the coffee it serves at trade shows.”

According to the claim, the patent infringement can be traced back to the hiring of Orca’s former patent attorney “to copy Orca’s intellectual property and even the figures from Orca’s patents.”

Orca is not winning over (own) Wiz products

“Wiz has embedded a number of revolutionary inventions developed and patented by Orca, passed those inventions off falsely as Wiz innovations and forced Orca to compete against its own technological breakthroughs in the marketplace.”

Whether Orca Security can substantiate that intellectual rights were violated remains to be seen. At this point, it remains a lot of finger-pointing at a competitor that plays in the same market and seems to be doing better. After all, Wiz was already able to secure quite a few collaborations and added to that last year with collaborations with SentinelOne and Noname.