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SentinelOne and Wiz are going to work together to deliver optimal cloud security. For this, different security platforms will be combined with each other.

Within the collaboration, the SentinelOne Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) will be combined with the Wiz Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). This results in a complete best-of-breed solution, according to SentinelOne and Wiz.


The collaboration should provide companies with improved visibility and protection of their cloud workloads. These include quickly identifying attack paths to cloud infrastructure and workloads and preventing threats through comprehensive runtime protection of these workloads.

Simpler, faster and more accurate

In addition, the combined solution should provide a more streamlined procurement and deployment process. This should ensure that enterprises’ cloud infrastructure and the workloads running on it can be better protected without affecting DevOps teams in their development paths.

In this way, enterprises will also easily, quickly and accurately get the right insight and actionable context for solving their most complex security challenges, from prevention to response.

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