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LogRhythm and SentinelOne have integrated their technology. This should give companies more insight into potential threats and allow them to respond to them immediately.

According to the partners, the collaboration produces an integrated enterprise security solution to prevent, detect and respond. The solution streamlines security operations and improves threat response workflow. Security experts should gain more detailed insights into the large amounts of information coming at them.

LogRhythm provides tools for threat intelligence, event and log management, network and endpoint monitoring, forensics and security analytics. SentinelOne provides an XDR platform that allows companies to detect malware through machine learning, as well as identify threats in cloud environments, employee endpoints and other connected devices.

Integrated solution

The integrated solution provides security experts with a centralized platform for log data collection and appropriate action. The solution features SentinelOne’s rich endpoint telemetry to enable real-time protection. LogRhythm’s proprietary SmartResponse technology uses the SentinelOne API to provide automated responses to malicious activity.

Responses include blacklisting hash values and shutting down compromised devices or machines from the network. This is based on several ‘triggers’ that indicate a breach taking place.


Benefits cited by both security vendors include comprehensive visibility into networks and automated threat resolution. Furthermore, the integration between LogRhythm and SentinelOne’s solutions should reduce the complexity of protecting broad IT environments and responding to identified threats.

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