Dell acquires AIOps technology Moogsoft

Dell acquires AIOps technology Moogsoft

Dell Technologies has announced that it is acquiring Moogsoft. This gives it an artificial intelligence operations (AIOps) platform.

Founded in 2012, Moogsoft focuses on software engineers, developers and operators. It has raised $92 million (€85 million) in investment. Dell does not disclose how much it is paying for Moogsoft.

Moogsoft technology

Moogsoft’s platform collects diagnostic data about a company’s IT infrastructure. This data is analyzed to find technical problems. The metrics typically do not describe a specific event, but more of a trend such as a gradual decline in application performance.

Moogsoft is said to have patented algorithms that filter out 99 percent of the “data noise” from the infrastructure. The platform then enriches the information. For example, if a problem is the failure of an application, Moogsoft adds information about which business department is affected.

In some cases, multiple technical problems crop up simultaneously in a network. This may be the case with a database that multiple applications use. Database failure also potentially causes applications to go offline. Moogsoft’s platform finds such related errors and groups them together to simplify troubleshooting.

Dell plans to use Moogsoft’s technology to expand its own AIOps capabilities. This “as part of its longstanding approach of embedding AI functionality within its product portfolio and as a critical component of its ‘multicloud by design”‘ strategy.”

The deal is expected to close no later than October 28.

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