IBM gives z/OS a major AI upgrade with version 3.1

IBM gives z/OS a major AI upgrade with version 3.1

IBM has given its operating system z/OS with version 3.1 a major update with several AI capabilities for its Z-series servers. This gives these many capabilities for AI solutions and applications.

The update to IBM z/OS that has now been implemented is a big one. The version of the IBM operating system for its Z-series of (mainframe) servers jumps from version 2.5 to version 3.1.

Many new AI features

The most important features implemented with the update mainly concern AI capabilities. In particular, the new AI features should allow the OS to support the entire AI lifecycle. Think data ingestion, training AI models, inferencing, monitoring the quality of AI models and retraining services. Users do not need to have specific skills for these activities.

These services are provided by the AI System Services for IBM z/OS tool, among others. The also included tool AI Framework for IBM z/OS should help run pre-built AI models to improve the OS itself. These include optimizing IT processes and simplifying management.

The new tool z/OS Management Facility should help administrators easily manage and perform day-to-day IBM z/OS work.

Other functionality

Other features added with the major update include container extensions for RedHat OpenShift, a new Data Set File System, improved COBOL-Java interoperability for 31-bit COBOL applications that can now also “call” 64-bit Java programs and several z/OS UNIX enhancements.

Furthermore, z/OS version 3.1 has also gained several new security functionality and new high-performing infar structure components.

z/OS version 3.1 will be available for all IBM Z-series servers starting Sept. 29 this year.

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