IBM modernizes mainframe applications with Watsonx Code Assistant for Z

IBM modernizes mainframe applications with Watsonx Code Assistant for Z

IBM recently introduced its generative AI tool Watsonx Code Assistant for Z. With it, companies can more easily modernize their old mainframe applications written in COBOL, is the thinking.

The new generative AI tool is part of IBM’s Watsonx AI and data platform. It is suitable for mainframe environments, IBM Z systems in particular, and should help developers translate important legacy COBOL applications into new Java applications.

Above all, the tool should help speed up the COBOL app modernization process by (automatically) solving potential problems.

Low cost and more abilities for developers

In addition, the tool ensures that the cost of modernizing and optimizing legacy COBOL applications remains low. Furthermore, it gives developers the ability to manage and improve older solutions.

According to IBM, the tool helps developers convert legacy COBOL code directly to high-quality Java code, allowing them to focus more on more important tasks. One example is adding new functionality to these applications.

Other functionality

Using the integrated IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence inventory and analysis tool, companies can identify the applications most in need of modernization. Also, Watsonx Code Assistant for Z can help refactor business services in COBOL, transform them to high-quality Java code and validate their outcomes via automated testing.

Under the hood, the generative AI tool runs based on IBM’s proprietary model with 20 billion parameters.

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