NexGen Cloud invests $1 billion in first European AI Supercloud

NexGen Cloud invests $1 billion in first European AI Supercloud

NexGen Cloud is developing the first European AI Supercloud environment. With this, the company aims to significantly advance the development of AI applications by European companies.

NextGen Cloud, an IaaS provider and partner of Nvidia, is investing $1 billion in developing the first European AI Supercloud environment. This platform should make it easier for European companies to develop AI and related applications.

Special European platform

The AI Supercloud environment is a dedicated platform for computing power that should meet the increasing demand for this capacity for AI by companies.

Because the platform specifically targets European companies, they can more easily develop sensitive AI applications while complying with appropriate EU laws and privacy regulations.

This mainly involves AI solutions for the healthcare, financial services and media and entertainment sectors. In addition, companies save costs by using this platform, as the required services and GPU capacity are provided from within the region.

$576 million in new hardware

NextGen Cloud AI Supercloud is offered from European data centers. In total, for the European AI Supercloud, 20,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs are active within NextGen Cloud’s data centers supporting the platform by June 2024. The data centers also run on renewable energy.

NextGen Cloud currently has already invested $576 million in new hardware to support the AI Supercloud.

Available in October

The AI Supercloud environment will become available starting this October and the first pre-orders can be placed. Interested companies can access it over the next 12 months through the recently announced NextGen Hyperstack platform. This is a cloud platform based on Nvidia GPUs that enables direct-to-compute GPU-generated cloud access for the European market.

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