Maersk implements Starlink internet in cargo ships

Maersk implements Starlink internet in cargo ships

Container shipping company Maersk is implementing the Starlink satellite Internet system aboard its container freighters. Starlink will also launch a mobile texting and calling service via its satellite system next year.

Danish container shipping company Maersk and SpaceX have signed an agreement to install the Starlink Internet communications system aboard 330 container freighters. This should give the ships Internet connections of about 220 Mbps, wherever they are.

The deal follows a pilot test that the two parties recently conducted with 30 of the cargo carrier’s ships. This was very successful, so now the rest of the ships are being equipped with the technology required.

Maersk sees the implementation as a great extension of its cloud migration and the digitization of its cargo ships, as well as a means of bringing greater comfort to its sailing personnel. The deal should be completed by the first quarter of 2024.

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In addition to the deal with Maersk, Starlink also announced that it plans to offer a mobile service, Direct to Cell, through its Starlink satellite network over the next year. According to a website already published, starting next year, it should be possible for the satellite system to contact ordinary LTE-based smartphones, without the need for a built-in satellite function.

The only condition is that these smartphones must have line-of-sight with the satellites.

The Direct to Cell service should already make it possible to send text (SMS) messages via Starlink in 2024. From 2025, this should also become possible for voice and data and will eventually get support for IoT devices.

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