New ASML CEO: Frenchman Christophe Fouquet to replace Peter Wennink

New ASML CEO: Frenchman Christophe Fouquet to replace Peter Wennink

ASML has appointed Christophe Fouquet as its new CEO. He will start in April 2024, when current CEO Peter Wennink’s term expires. France’s Christophe Fouquet has been with the Dutch manufacturer of chip-making machines for 15 years.

According to the company’s Supervisory Board, Christophe Fouquet is well suited to take on the role of ASML CEO. He would have deep knowledge of the chip machine manufacturer’s technology and the chip industry in general.

Fouquet has been with ASML for 15 years in various roles. Before that, he worked at chip companies such as Applied Materials and KLA Corp, among others.

Important moment

The arrival of the new CEO comes at an important time for the chip machine manufacturer. Due to the geopolitical tensions between the US and China, the manufacturer is suffering from export restrictions to the latter country. This obviously affects ASML’s sales.

Departing CEO Peter Wennink was always a fierce critic of the export restrictions imposed on ASML by the Dutch government at the request of the US.

Resignation Peter Wennink

With the appointment of Christophe Fouquet, ASML has now arranged for the succession of current CEO Peter Wennink. He is set to retire next year.

In addition to Wennink’s term, CTO Martin van den Brink’s contract is set to expire by April 2024. A successor for Van den Brink has not yet been announced.

Furthermore, a new position will be added to ASML’s Board of Management as of April 2024: that of Chief Customer Officer. The Supervisory Board has appointed Jim Koomen for this position.

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