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Cisco’s Catalyst line, which includes switches and access points, is getting a new licensing model. Other Cisco solutions will also follow the updated licensing structure later.

The new licensing model bundles payments for hardware, software and support. There was a need of users to simplify product management somewhat. Cisco is applying the licensing structure to the new Catalyst 1200 and Catalyst 1300 models, eliminating companies needing additional licenses. Software updates are available free of charge. The switches offer a warranty with next-business-day replacement or return-to-factory replacement.

The license update affects only the Catalyst series for now. The licensing model will extend to newer generations as product lines are updated. “Major license transitions make customers unhappy if you do it within the product lifecycle,” vice president for global networking experiences Brink Sanders explained to The Register.

Catalyst 1200 and 1300

So, at the same time, Cisco unveiled the Catalyst 1200 and Catalyst 1300, which feature a dual-core Arm CPU with a clock speed of 1.4GHz and 1GB of DDR memory. This is twice as fast as previous Catalyst devices for SMBs. The memory is even four times larger.

The new Catalyst switches are available in 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. There are models with 8 ports. At most, the Catalyst 1200 and Catalyst 1300 each have 48 ports.

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