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The Cisco AI Assistant for Security supports businesses in making decisions, automates complex tasks and strengthens existing security tools.

The new addition to the Security Cloud was unveiled at Cisco Live in Melbourne. The AI Assistant is trained on a very large security dataset; namely, it uses telemetry from the Cisco Security Cloud. This analyzes 500 billion security events daily from the web, emails, endpoints, networks and applications.


First the Cisco AI Assistant for Security will come to Firewall Management Center and Cisco Defense Orchestrator. Here, the AI Assistant will help set up and maintain policies and firewall rules. This should reduce duplicate rules, misconfigured policies and complex workflows. The AI assistant also promises to speed up troubleshooting and configuration work. It is likely that more Cisco tools will later have access to the AI assistant.

The assistant follows the principles of Cisco’s Responsible AI Framework. This framework has the principles of Transparency, Fairness, Accountability, Privacy, Security and Reliability as its foundation.

Need increases

Cisco AI Assistant for Security is designed in response to the increasing frequency and sophisticated nature of cyber attacks. In particular, ransomware and extortion attacks currently dominate the cyber world, according to Cisco’s incident response team. 20 percent of its work went into these types of attacks. In addition, Cisco had to put a lot of effort into responding to sophisticated attacks on network devices. “The increased speed and sophistication of malicious actors requires the adoption of machine-scale defenses,” Cisco concludes.

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