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ICT service provider BKM, acquired by Orange Belgium in 2019, will continue under the umbrella name of the Belgian telecom operator.

The migration as of March 1, 2024 from the BKM-Orange brand name to Orange Belgium marks the definitive end of the acquisition process of the Belgian ICT service provider initiated in 2019.

After the acquisition, for which the Belgian telecom giant paid €52.4 million, the company continued under the name BKM-Orange. So, with the transition to Orange Belgium, the operator is now taking over all operations.

The main reason for this transition is to streamline business activities and branding. The offices in Hasselt and Ghent will be maintained. Incidentally, the company’s website has not yet been updated.

Market activities BKM

As an ICT service provider, the former BKM unit of Orange Belgium focused on unified communications & collaboration (UC&C), IT security solutions, document and visual solutions and connectivity.

In the past year, the company posted revenues of 40 million euros and has 185 employees. At the time of the acquisition in 2019, the former ICT service provider still had 230 employees.

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