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The Belgian data center company wants to expand its existing location in Diegem (LCL Brussels-North) with additional space to continue supporting businesses.

This will be a new Tier-III data center certified by the Uptime Institute. A Tier-III data center is the second highest level and offers high uptime guarantees and strong resources. To obtain the certification, the entire design and all calculations had to be fully checked to meet the requirements for a Tier-III certification.

Managing Director Laurens van Reijen of LCL Data Centers sees the additional space as a logical step. “LCL Brussels-North is a hub through which all Belgian internet traffic flows, and that makes it the region’s best connected data center complex. It can be considered the beating heart of the digital economy. Adding another data center will enable us to continue to support society’s growing digitalisation.”


Initially, LCL’s new data center will not be fully equipped. This is to reserve space for new customers to receive customized IT infrastructure based on their needs. In this way, LCL is following its customer intimacy strategy. Some customers have already reserved racks within the new 30 million euro data center.

In addition to its Tier-III rating and customized services to businesses, LCL emphasises sustainability at the new location. The data center provider sees that the growth of IT infrastructure leads to more energy consumption. To offset this, LCL is looking at methods to “upgrading its cooling installations and is considering alternative cooling methods with a view to further reducing the CO2 emissions of its data centers.”

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