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Telecom operator Youfone is changing its name in Belgium. KPN is taking over the company’s Dutch operations, leaving the Belgian arm to become independent.

The name change will be official on April 15. “The rebranding allows yoin to fully adapt to customer needs,” the reasoning goes. It is still unclear what will happen to the Youfone name in the Netherlands; the takeover was only certain for a few weeks after the Dutch competitions authority gave the go-ahead. KPN has stated that it will allow Youfone to operate independently in the Netherlands.

No changes to the offering

The name change comes three years after Youfone was introduced in Belgium. Through a deal to use the Proximus network, the company also provides Internet services and a cellphone connectivity offering.

Yoin reports that the services are otherwise unchanged. Apart from a “revamped logo, fresh colours and a playful font,” existing services such as mobile subscriptions and Internet services remain as they were. The MyYoufone app will be renamed a MyYoin app. The new logo has not yet been confirmed, although the new font can already be spotted (see image).

It is the second major name change of a telecom operator in the Benelux region. In early September, T-Mobile and Tele2 rebranded to Odido, also stating that the new identity would bring the company closer to the customer.

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