Synology introduces ActivePro hardware for better data protection

Synology introduces ActivePro hardware for better data protection

Synology recently introduced a new range of ActiveProtect hardware. The new appliances help businesses deploy data protection faster while keeping better scalability in mind. The hardware provides centralized data protection management for various endpoints within enterprises’ IT infrastructure.

According to the Taiwanese storage specialist, the ActiveProtect appliances now presented offer good protection methods, combined with a central management environment and a highly scalable architecture, for various endpoints within an enterprise infrastructure. These include servers and storage systems, hypervisors, databases, and, of course, SaaS application environments such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. The appliances should ultimately enable companies to better protect their most important business asset—data—in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Administrators can set up the storage specialist’s ActiveProtect hardware in minutes and deploy and run protection policies through a single central console.

Technical details

Each appliance can operate either standalone or in cluster-managed nodes. The appliances can be linked to other Synology NAS and SAN solutions, C2 Object Storage environments and other ActiveProtect appliances in a cluster for required storage capacity. In addition, existing Active Backup for Business deployments can also be managed from the centralized bear console.

Furthermore, the new appliances use incremental backups with deduplication on source, global deduplication, and between locations. This should ensure that backups and replication are performed faster with minimal bandwidth usage, which, according to the storage specialist, leads to lower operational costs.

The Synology ActiveProtect appliances will be available through Synology distributors and partners later this year.

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