Veeam steps into secure cloud storage for backups with Data Cloud Vault

Veeam steps into secure cloud storage for backups with Data Cloud Vault

The new service lets companies store backups remotely, focusing on immutability and encryption. In this way, critical information should receive additional protection.

At the VeeamON user conference, the Data Cloud Vault, or Vault for short, takes a prominent role. “Storing a backup of your data offsite is an essential part of any backup strategy and it’s critical to rapid, clean recovery from an outage or a cyber-attack. New Veeam Data Cloud Vault meets this demand of enterprises by delivering an added level of data protection, cyber resilience, compliance adherence, faster recovery, and prevention against insider threats,” said Veeam CEO Anand Eswaran.

To make the Vault possible, Veeam partnered with Microsoft. Together, they have set up a preconfigured and fully managed environment in Azure. The Vault stems from the renewed partnership with Microsoft in March 2024, when the Veeam Data Cloud was launched. This is a backup service on top of Azure that protects Microsoft 365 and Azure data.

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Features of Vault

The Vault extension, presented at VeeamON, was built to provide Veeam Data Platform users with secure cloud storage for their backups. Because it is a preconfigured environment, concerns around infrastructure management and unpredictable cloud costs should be eliminated. In fact, the product follows a per-TB pricing model, with API calls, restore, and egress costs covered.

Veeam aims to differentiate the Vault by giving the environment three characteristics: logically air-gapped, always immutable and encrypted. The air-gap technique means that the backup is stored in an environment decoupled from the production environment. In addition, immutability ensures that data follows a write-once read-many (WORM) principle, so cybercriminals cannot encrypt, delete or modify the data. Finally, AES 256-bit encryption leads to strong data security.

The Data Cloud Vault is available immediately through the Azure Marketplace.