Penta Infra buys sustainable data center Nexus in Brussels

Penta Infra buys sustainable data center Nexus in Brussels

Penta Infra is establishing itself in new European territory by acquiring the Nexus data center in the Belgian capital of Brussels. According to the Dutch company, the location is interesting because it is centrally located in the FLAP market, indicating its central location between Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris.

The Nexus data center is actually still brand new. Last month, the Brussels data center, consisting of nine floors (1,000 square meters), opened. Obviously, the theme of sustainability was central to the new construction. The data center, therefore, runs entirely on renewable energy, recovers all the heat, and, via rainwater recovery, the cooling is also at least partially sustainable.

The Free University of Brussels and the Brussels University Hospital supported the construction. Both remain customers now that Penta Infra will own the data center.

Praised the location of Brussels

This Dutch provider of flexible and sustainable colocation in various European data centers is expanding into Belgium through the acquisition. Operations are now offered in five countries these include the Netherlands, Germany, France and Denmark in addition to the newly acquired data center in Belgium.

Penta Infra CEO Bob Sprengers believes that the expansion into Belgium’s capital offers interesting advantages. “Brussels is at the heart of both Europe and data-intensive FLAP hubs, and this beautifully designed facility is the perfect flexible platform for digital growth.” Furthermore, the company wants to make clear with the acquisition that it will continue to focus on sustainability in the data center industry: “Thanks to its exceptional sustainability features, it also fits perfectly with our portfolio of 100% low-impact renewables.”

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