Future of Dutch chip industry triumphs thanks to AI revolution

Future of Dutch chip industry triumphs thanks to AI revolution

The Dutch chip industry’s influence would be enormous in the next generation of chips. U.S. financial advisors predict that ASMI’s growth will be the strongest in the chip industry.

According to U.S. financial advisors, investing in the Dutch chip industry is a wise option. In the next generation of chips, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America see an important role for ASM International NV (ASMI). This will be accompanied by tremendous growth, which is predicted to outpace growth in the broader chip market. From these predictions, ASMI shares benefited immediately. On Thursday, it experienced 6.7 percent growth in the Amsterdam stock market.

Netherlands benefits from AI

ASMI is a Dutch manufacturer of tools needed for chip production. The products are advanced and needed for the production of AI chips. According to Bank of America, the tools are “critical in the production of advanced logic and memory chips used in AI infrastructure.” One of ASMI’s specializations is Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), a technique required to apply extremely thin layers of material to wafers.

The analists also see ASML as a valuable company. Again, the argument is the company’s significant value in AI chips. Thus, the opinions indicate that the Dutch chip industry will thrive under the AI revolution in the coming years.

Expand to keep up with growth

ASML anticipates solid growth in the coming years and already announced plans to double its production capacity roughly. To realize that, the company has been promised a 50-hectare site in Eindhoven.

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