Box Shield is AI that automatically detects data leaks

Box Shield is AI that automatically detects data leaks

Companies are always looking for new ways to shape their security. Cloudplatform Box is now looking for that within artificial intelligence. The platform will be named Box Shield and will monitor all file activity on Box’s networks in search of possible leaks.

The service is currently in a preview phase. The security technique, based on machine learning, should provide admins with a detailed overview of a company’s content and includes an early warning system for possible data leaks.

Artificial intelligence

Box Shield is being developed in addition to the existing product range of Box. It allows security analysts to see what content people are accessing, who they are and whether they are downloading sensitive content. Central to the whole is artificial intelligence.

The AI will classify the employees of a company into certain categories on the basis of their activity. The admins receive a warning when one of the employees shows behaviour that is not in line with his history. For this purpose, the AI does map out the behaviour of employees on the Box platform.

Based on profiles

According to Box, the system is mainly designed to prevent employees or malicious parties from giving themselves access to data they should not be using. The system also helps to identify the accounts that may have been hacked.

During a presentation at the annual Box Works conference in San Francisco, Box explained that the system builds profiles on the activities. This creates, for example, profiles of the sales team. If members of this team try to access content from other teams, this is a reason to warn the admin.

Hacked account?

The system can also see if an account has been hacked. To do so, it analyses the login location and compares it with the previous login location. Based on this, Box Shield argues whether it was possible for the account holder in question to travel that distance since their last activity.

According to Box, the Shield offering is very useful at a time when not only internal and external employees but also suppliers and other contractors have access to the cloud platform of companies. This makes it very difficult to protect our data, according to the company. However, this type of automatic analysis responds to this.

Box also reports that it is developing a new two-step verification method that not only verifies a login but also checks whether an account is real.

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