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HubSpot has renewed its App Marketplace. Users can now more easily discover relevant apps and app developers can easily register new apps themselves.

The App Marketplace gives HubSpot users access to hundreds of third-party tools, which they can integrate into their account. This makes it easy for companies to quickly discover interesting integrations and connect tools, teams and processes.

The new app marketplace streamlines the process of finding and connecting the right app for the right task and also makes it easier for developers to develop and catalogue new integrations. This is an important next step in our mission to make HubSpot an all-in-one platform for growing businesses, says Scott Brinker, VP platform ecosystem at HubSpot.


The renewed platform comes with several new features. HubSpot identified, for example, on the basis of feedback from customers, which data is most important in the choice of companies for an integration. Those include price information, data room structure and demo videos.

HubSpot now requires all of its partners to include this information in their apps. Also, the apps overview pages are now designed in such a way that this information is given priority. This makes it easier for companies to make an informed choice about integration.

It is also easier to discover relevant apps. The App Marketplace now includes manually selected apps for different types of users and businesses. There are also improved filters, making it easier to do thorough searches and find the right app for each team and purpose.

Better findability

New features have also been added to the platform for app developers. The App Marketplace now makes it possible for app developers to easily register new apps themselves.

In this way, app developers should be able to adapt and manage the available apps in the marketplace in a simple and streamlined way.