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HubSpot introduces a number of new features for its platform, including the addition of machine learning functionality. There will also be new features for Sales Hub Professional and HubSpot Conversations.

The changes are based on suggestions from customers. The top suggestions have been adopted, added to the HubSpot platform and presented at INBOUND 2019.

Every year we receive hundreds of suggestions from customers for new features and functionalities of the platform on our Ideas Forum, in conversations with customers and on review sites. At INBOUND we wanted to thank our customers this year by showing them how we continue to improve our product thanks to their feedback, says Christopher ODonnell, SVP Product at HubSpot. Everything we have shown on the product release stage today is a concrete result of feedback from our users.

According to HubSpot, one of the most common suggestions was to make it possible to remove duplicate contacts. The duplicate management tool ensures that duplicate contacts are deduplicated with the help of machine learning. Furthermore, the interfaces of e-mail and the knowledge base have been improved, allowing users to perform operations more quickly. Drag-and-drop templates are used for this purpose.

Extensions for Sales Hub Professional and Marketing Hub Starter

Sales Hub Professional is extended with digital signing and calculated properties, which allow data to be entered directly from data in other fields. There will also be a Buy Now checkout function, with which a product in a catalogue can lead directly to a purchase in Stripe. Marketing Hub Starter gets a new drag-and-drop interface for landing pages and enhanced kickback features for email. HubSpot also announces that there will be a new App Marketplace. This allows users to customize their platform as their business grows.