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Consumers see interoperability and cyber security as crucial pillars for the development of ‘smart communities’. This is the conclusion of an international market survey carried out by Juniper Networks in collaboration with YouGov and 2,000 Dutch respondents.

Smart communities are smart communities that use information technology as a catalyst for the transformation of professional and private life. This includes automated infrastructure management, self-propelled cars and environmental monitoring.

“Smart community projects and initiatives have the potential to use advanced technologies such as IoT, 5G, multi-cloud and machine learning to improve and even transform the daily lives of people, especially rural and developing people,” said Tom Ruban, vice president Systems Engineering EMEA at Juniper Networks.

Cyber security (35 percent) and interoperability (46 percent) are more important factors for consumers than aspects such as 5G, cloud computing, IoT and automation, according to the study. Only 23 percent of respondents said mobile connectivity was important, 30 percent thought the cloud was important and 23 percent cared about IoT.

Although there is still a need for information about the ways in which specific communities can benefit from individual smart community projects, there are already high expectations about the communities. It also appears that internet providers and local authorities are the connecting link in supporting, securing and informing the population about smart communities.


Smart communities can provide various benefits, consumers also find. 47 percent of respondents see improved access to municipal services and public information as the most important benefit. Improving public safety and emergency services is considered the most important goal by 45%.

In addition, 33 percent of services that improve the quality of life are considered an important advantage. 37 per cent see great benefit in environmental improvements.

These figures show that the location, environment and available technology all have an impact on the impact of an initiative. Different communities see various benefits from smart communities. The need for transparent information on the benefits to the community is therefore growing.

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