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Google has added new features to its Firebase development framework for mobile and web applications. This should make it more attractive for users of large enterprises, says Silicon Angle.

Firebase was launched in 2014 with the aim of being a complete platform for creating apps that can run on the Google Cloud Platform. So now new features have been added to the platform, which should cause more creativity on the part of developers.

The company wants to do this with Face Contours, a beta version of a machine learning kit. The kit significantly improves the programming interface capabilities of the Face Detection application. Users can now recognise more than a hundred points on a human face. The feature can be used to create better apps that position accessories like hair, ears or glasses on a human face, making them look more realistic.

In addition, Google announced that the Firebase Predictions service is now widely available. This allows developers to use Google’s machine learning systems for analytics data from their applications to gain better insights. Firebase Predictions is also supported by the BigQury service for deeper analysis of forecast data. It is also possible to export app data to BigQuery to create their own ML models.


In addition, “Premium Cloud Support” for Firebase was announced, giving users access to the Google Cloud Support Center, Pantheon and ultimately telephone support. For developers, there is a new Firebase Management API, which allows users to create and manage Firebase projects and apps programmatically. This means that it is easy to create or destroy environments as part of the workflow.

Finally, Google said that Test Lab for iOS is now widely available. It now allows developers to test their apps via Firebase on all iOS and Android devices and configurations to improve their performance.

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