Google launches Transfer Appliance to help European companies transfer cloud data

Google launches Transfer Appliance to help European companies transfer cloud data

Google today launched a beta test of the European Transfer Appliance program. This is aimed at helping companies to transfer their apps that are still running on legacy infrastructure to Google’s own cloud platform.

The servers set up by Google for this purpose can handle large amounts of data. Databases of more than 20TB in size can easily be accommodated. Transferring it would normally take about a week, but according to Google, the Transfer Appliance can perform this task much faster. How fast does it take.

Different configurations

In Europe, Google Transfer offers Appliance in a configuration of 100TB. The total operating capacity is 200TB. Also, at some point, a 480TB version will be available for companies that have even more data to transfer. The larger application offers a total utilisation capacity of a petabyte.

The cloud giant explains that the Transfer Appliance has been deployed by a number of companies, including those that need to move large datasets – such as satellite images and audio files. It is also a good option to migrate Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) clusters to the Google Cloud Platform.

We see many users running their powerful Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop clusters on GCP with Cloud Dataproc, a managed Spark and Hadoop service that allows you to quickly create clusters and transfer the management of those clusters directly to the service, says Ben Chong, product manager at Google Cloud Platform. Combined with NFS volumes, system administrators can easily transfer the HDFS data via Apache DistCP. to Google to be placed on the GCP.

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