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The Czech cyber-watchdog has warned network operators about the use of software and hardware made by the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE. According to the watchdog, these products pose a security risk, says Reuters.

Huawei is the largest producer of telecom equipment, but in the West it receives a lot of criticism about possible links with the Chinese government. Western countries are afraid that the devices will be used by the Chinese government for espionage. Huawei has always denied this.


The United States has been warning about Huawei for some time, and providers from various countries have decided to remove the equipment from their networks. There are similar concerns about ZTE. According to sources, American government representatives are trying to put pressure on Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile to stop using Huawei devices.

“Chinese laws require companies in the country to cooperate with intelligence services, introducing them to key state systems, which can pose a threat,” says Dusan Navratil, director of the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA). According to Navratil, system administrators in key infrastructures have to take “adequate measures” against the threat.


The watchdog also states that the warning is based on their own findings and those of their allies.

“We deny any suggestion that we are a threat to national security”, says a Huawei spokesman. “In addition, according to the spokesman, there are no laws in China to force the company to build in “mandatory loopholes”. ZTE has not responded to the warning from the Czech watchdog.

A number of providers have already tested 5G at certain locations in the Czech Republic. The investment group PPF, which owns the largest infrastructure provider CETIN, has signed an agreement to work with Huawei on 5G. In 2019 a safe for the frequencies for 5G is planned.

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