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AppDynamics, which has monitoring software and is an independent part of Cisco, brings its Cognition Engine onto the market. Based on artificial intelligence, this allows companies to keep an even closer eye on their technology environments, discover problems and devise and implement solutions.

According to the supplier, companies increasingly want to gain insight into their technology park, from their serverless solutions to mainframe environments and beyond. To make this possible, they need monitoring tools that make insight easier and have a certain amount of built-in intelligence to do it all.

The solutions of AppDynamics provide for this monitoring. The company has recently implemented Perspica’s technology, which was acquired by its parent company Cisco last year, in its own solutions. This eventually led to the now launched Cognition Engine solution.

Properties Cognition Engine

In concrete terms, the solution now presented ensures that the monitoring tool not only indicates that within business technology and the rest of the DevOps team is left to find and resolve the real cause, but also that the monitoring tool can be used for the purpose of machine learining that is processing large amounts of data.

The solution that has now been launched ensures that these two actions now take place automatically, i.e. signalling and indicating the basic problem, so that specialists can now come up with and roll out solutions more quickly. The Cognition Engine continuously evolves, trains and evaluates in real time the data entering the system using streaming analytics technology. The system records millions of records per second, automatically processes and analyzes how measurement data correlates with each other and knows immediately when there are problems in the correlation between datasets. Ultimately, the tool even has to learn automatically from all incoming data and automatically come up with, create and roll out solutions for the identified problems.

Other monitoring solutions

In addition to the arrival of the Coginition Engine, AppDynamics also has a number of other improved monitoring capabilities, including the ability to track transactions through the serverless platform AWS Lambda.

Finally, now that the business IT monitoring specialist is part of the Cisco family, their products not only looked at the application layer, but also extended that vision to integrate the network infrastructure to help understand issues and set policies. The products are therefore also part of Ciscos central nervous system for enterprise computing.

With this system, the U.S. network specialist wants to offer a complete solution to locate problems, find their causes and solve them automatically across the entire IT landscape.

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