Marvell launches 400 gigabit switches for network edge

Marvell launches 400 gigabit switches for network edge

American chip manufacturer Marvell launches new 400 gigabit switches intended for the network edge. The chips in the switches are equipped with technology that should increase efficiency within data centers.

Marvell launches two new switches under the Prestera CX 8500 flag. These are built for use in data centers at the network edge. The ports on the switches can be dynamically scaled from 1 Gbps to 400 Gbps. In doing so, the manufacturer immediately nips criticism about speed in the bud. After all, 400 gigabit is the maximum speed that conventional standards can handle.

The switches have two technologies on board that are specific to Marvell. The first is called Storage Aware Flow Engine (SAFE). This technology should provide more insight into the network flows that pass along the switch. This, in turn, aims to make the orchestration of virtualised storage easier. The switches will be ideal for use in data centers with virtualized workloads or a software defined approach. In concrete terms, SAFE must ensure that important packages continue to flow smoothly and that no latency problems occur.


The second technology is called Forwarding Architecture using Slices of Terabit Ethernet Routers, or FASTER. The aim is to increase the efficiency within a data centre by reducing the number of network layers required. Marvell sees the new hardware used in modern edge data centres with software defined infrastructure. The devices are ready to support 5G hardware.

Marvell fries the chips that power the hardware at 16 nm. So no ultramodern node, but according to the manufacturer a node that allows simple volume production. So the chip builder draws the map of availability here. Marvell has not yet communicated the price and a date for this availability.

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