Google Cloud hijacks another top man at Oracle away

Google Cloud hijacks another top man at Oracle away

Google Cloud has stolen another important employee from Oracle. In doing so, the company continues to take steps to rebuild the management team responsible for its cloud service. This time, Oracle manager Amit Zavery signed up to join Google Cloud.

Thomas Kurian recently left Oracle to join Google Cloud. Kurian did so after conflicts with Oracle founder and chairman Larry Ellison. Under Kurian, several Oracle employees were hijacked and then started working for Google. Zavery is Oracle’s highest ranking former employee who makes the switch.

Switch to Google

Zavery apparently stopped working at Oracle last week. Reuters reports that he joined Google yesterday, after working for Oracle for 24 years. There he started his career as a software engineer, but quickly became one of the most important managers of the company. For example, Zavery was responsible for development tools that cloud customers could use to build applications.

Now, however, Zavery is going to work as manager of Google’s Apigee team. Zavery is doing this in his new role as vice president of engineering within Google Cloud. With Apigee, Google enables companies to design, secure, deploy, scale and manage APIs. It looks a bit like the tools Oracle offers and it is Zavery’s job to expand the number of possibilities considerably.

Zavery is also working with former Apigee-CEO Chet Kapoor. He has been in charge of one of the companies he founded since his company was acquired by Google Vice President in 2016 and is still responsible for one of the companies he founded. It is a loss for Oracle, which again sees a talent disappear. Zavery should help Google persuade large companies to switch to its cloud service by helping to expand its range of specialized services.

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