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Oracle is further expanding its collaboration with Slack. To do this, it combines the Customer Experience (CX) Cloud with Slack’s communication platform. This makes it easier for teams to discuss possible sales. That way, they’d be able to make deals more quickly.

The partnership means for sales people that they can work more closely with other people in their organisation. Think of product specialists, but also of contract managers and others who work together to conclude new contracts. Sharing knowledge is central, as is being able to build on each other’s experience.

Extensive cooperation

According to Stephen Fioretti, vice president of product management at Oracle CX Sales and Service, customer expectations are constantly changing. But that also applies to the way in which teams work together and the role that individuals take on within those teams, according to him. According to Fioretti, it is very important that companies support their employees in the role they take on. To achieve this, organisations need technology that can make new ways of working possible.

The extensive cooperation between Oracle and Slack also offers advantages for customer service employees. Employees who are in direct contact with customers can use Slack’s communication channel to talk to each other and thus answer current questions. This allows them to answer questions more quickly and provide more targeted answers. This should ensure that all sides of the coin are well exposed and that collaborations run smoothly.

The latest integrations between Oracle and Slack will help sales and customer service employees to work together more effectively, Fioretti adds. It also builds on our commitment to providing CX professionals with the tools they need to meet the needs of the Experience Economy.

AI Updates

This collaboration follows previous updates that Oracle made to its suite of cloud applications. The company provides its ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud and CX Cloud with new advanced features that are partly driven by machine learning. These AI functions should make it possible to answer questions more quickly and to identify new prospects.

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