Google Drive adds workflow integrations with DocuSign, K2 and Nintex

Google Drive adds workflow integrations with DocuSign, K2 and Nintex

Google integrates a number of tools with its cloud storage service Google Drive, which should make it easier for users to find information and take certain actions without leaving the platform. It concerns integrations with DocuSign, K2 and Nintex, writes Silicon Angle.

According to product manager Erika Trautman, the workflows within the cloud should be easy to set up and deploy, “but flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of your enterprise”.


A first integration is therefore DocuSign, which makes it possible to electronically sign documents and contracts. The documents can now be signed directly inside Google Drive. There is also the possibility to manage actions after the agreement, such as invoices, activation of accounts and payments.

The second integration, K2, revolves around a process automation service that uses machine learning to simplify workflows like a loan application. The machine learning models are used to determine whether an application meets the required parameters for approval.

If so, the application can be sent to a human employee to approve it by hand. If this is not the case, the application is automatically rejected.


The latest integration revolves around Nintex, a process management, automation and optimization platform used by companies to streamline workflows such as contract lifecycle management.

“If you’ve ever managed a contract with your company from start to finish, you’ll understand how complex it is to create the document, navigate through HR, legal and sales department approvals, and integrate the document into various systems,” says Trautman.

In combination with Google Drive, Nintex can do much of this work automatically. It can automatically generate contracts, add or change information in responsive forms and create processes by clicking instead of programming. Once the contacts have been created, users can send them directly from Google Drive for verification or to be signed by others.

The integrations should be available “soon”.

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