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Mendix presented two new development environments: Studio and Studio Pro. Studio is a no code development environment and Studio Pro is a low code development environment. This allows developers of different knowledge levels to work together and build applications to further digitise their organisations.

According to Mendix, the two solutions use the same visual language, metadata models and repository on a single uniform platform. This means that anyone who develops the application can easily work together. The two solutions also include Mendix Assist, an artificial intelligence assistant for low code, which should increase productivity and help developers to make fewer mistakes and deliver faster.

Medix Studio is the no code environment designed to involve non-technical business users in the development process. These can also be people who have never designed an application before, but are well aware of the business drivers, goals and processes within the organization.

With Mendix Studio it is possible to map out ideas for achieving better business results, to build or use applications or to deliver a workable start application to a professional developer for further development. There are various templates available, for example for task and time planning portals. Assist also offers recommendations and suggestions for the next step, increasing productivity.

Studio Pro

Mendix Studio Pro is a low code, visually model-driven development environment. This allows professional developers to take full advantage of the opportunities to develop robust, complex and business-critical applications. By taking time-consuming tasks off your hands, Studio Pro gives developers more room for complex software engineering and business logic. However, developers are given the control and flexibility to write their own code.

In this solution, the Assist function acts as a virtual fellow programmer, anticipating new steps, monitoring flows and warning of potential errors. It also gives recommendations with an accuracy of 95 percent, according to the company.

The two solutions are built on a platform designed to ensure governance and safety. As a result, new developers cannot put existing systems at risk.

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