Fortinet combines networking and security in special SD-WAN chipset

Fortinet combines networking and security in special SD-WAN chipset

Fortinet has recently introduced an SD-WAN ASIC chipset that allows users to achieve greater security for their SD-WAN environments. In addition, users can also save costs because the chipset is now the first in the industry to combine networking and security at the same time.

The introduction of this chipset is especially good news for companies with many branches or industries. Their networking applications for these industries today often use SD-WAN environments to connect them to the existing enterprise network infrastructure.

This means, however, that more and more computing power and power is needed to be able to handle network connections and security from a central location. Often more processing power was put into the network and external security was added.

Strength in combination of networking and security

However, according to Fortinet, the right strength of SD WAN networks lies in the combination of network connections and security in one central place and in the same device. For this purpose, it has now developed an SD-WAN ASIC chipset, which it claims to be the first in the industry to do so.

In concrete terms, the newly developed SD-WAN ASIC chipset ensures that applications within the SD-WAN environment can be transported to the right place as quickly as possible, while at the same time guaranteeing a high level of security. This allows chipset to run and define applications at the same time, while simultaneously applying the best security, such as SSL Inspection. This offers very high performance.

Start with FortiGate 100F Next-Generation Firewall

The SD-WAN ASIC chipset will be used for the first time within the FortiGate 100F Next-Generation Firewall. This firewall application is intended for companies and organizations with many branches or retail branches that need high and fast data traffic. This allows users to save costs by eliminating the need to invest in individual applications.

The FortiGate 100F Next-Generation Firewall with the SD-WAN ASIC chipset will cost $2,800 each. This is slightly higher than the normal price of this high-end firewall, but according to the vendor this is due to the extra functionality that the improvements for SD WAN environments through the chipset will bring.

The now introduced SD-WAN ASIC chipset is expected to be rolled out to the entire entry-level firewall offering of security specialist Fortinet over the next two years.

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