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Huawei would be interested in selling his 5G Balong 5000 chips, but only to one company: Apple. That’s what an insider said to Engadget. However, there is little chance that this will happen, as the Chinese manufacturer is suspected of espionage by various countries.

Such an agreement would also be remarkable because Huawei is not known for its chips. In addition, a company spokesman said earlier this year that “Balong is primarily intended to support Huawei’s smart products, such as phones and IoT products, and is currently for internal use only”.

It is also unclear whether the two companies have already discussed the proposal. Neither Huawei nor Apple responded to requests from Engadget to respond to the rumor. However, Apple has problems with its current chip manufacturer Intel, which would have missed several deadlines for the development of a 5G chip. As a result, a 5G iPhone would have been delayed until 2021.


However, the cooperation is particularly unlikely because Huawei has been investigated by the United States for years. The country continues to refer to a Chinese law which states that companies must cooperate with all government requests. As a result, the US is afraid that Huawei will cooperate in espionage by the Chinese government, even though the company has always denied it.

The United States has in the meantime imposed a ban on the use of Chinese manufacturer’s equipment by government agencies. And it also calls on allies to dump Huawei in building 5G networks. In addition, the U.S. intelligence services advise against the use of Huawei products by citizens.

Well, the country cannot prohibit an agreement with Apple, but there is a good chance that Apple would constantly receive questions from the US about the safety of its products if it were to do so.

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