Extreme Networks presents network security service ExtremeAI Security

Extreme Networks presents network security service ExtremeAI Security

Extreme Networks has unveiled its new ExtremeAI Security solution. ExtremeAI Security is, according to the network company, a new class of network security that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically identify and fix advanced threats against Internet or Things (IoT) devices.

According to Extreme Networks, it is important to place advanced security technologies deep within the network and not just along the edge, due to the convergence of multi-client environments, mobile networks and the massive rise of IoT devices in the enterprise. This extends the surface of the attack. With traditional solutions, it would therefore be too complicated for network administrators and security teams to understand the chaos.

Stop threats

ExtremeAI Security must provide visibility and detection of malicious traffic, as well as real-time monitoring of IoT devices for malicious behavior. Machine learning is used to learn what standard behaviour of IoT devices is. When endpoints behave in different or unexpected ways, alerts are sent.

If IT specialists do not intervene in time on these suspicious devices or traffic, ExtremeAI Security ensures that threats are automatically stopped without human intervention. The tool does not require any pre-configuration, as the advanced machine learning algorithm automatically responds to all triggered and immediately eliminates the threats. The application makes use of the latest developments in Natural Language Processing, according to the company.

ExtremeAI Security also uses the ExtremeAnalytics, the analytics platform of the network specialist. These analytics provide end-users with deep insights into other movements of malicious traffic and impact on critical network services. The analytics platform allows users to view these threats based on severity, category, high-risk endpoints and geography.


ExtremeAI Security works with all leading threat intelligence feeds and is also closely integrated with Extreme Workflow Composer to automatically mitigate and resolve threats.

The solution also has automatic ticketing functionality. This functionality integrates with popular IT tools such as Slack, Jura and ServiceNow. The solution as a whole also works with several popular security tools, including existing network solutions.

ExtremeAI Security will be widely available from October this year.

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