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SUSE has announced the latest version of its Enterprise Storage solution. Enterprise Storage 6 should enable IT organizations to adapt seamlessly to changing business requirements, while also reducing operating IT costs by transforming their enterprise storage infrastructure.

Enterprise Storage 6 is based on the Ceph Nautilus release and built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1. The new version includes new features that focus on containerized and cloud workload support, improved integrations with the public cloud, and enhanced data protection capabilities.

Adapting to requirements

With the new release, businesses must be able to adapt seamlessly to changing business requirements by accelerating innovation, maximizing application availability, and easily deploying cloud resources.

Accelerating this innovation can be done by further removing storage silos, allowing users easier access to different types of data. It should also enable users to quickly extract information from the data using search and analytics tools.

With faster and more detailed backups that now use cheap public cloud resources, it is possible to maximize application availability. In this way, data protection should be improved. In addition, Enterprise Storage 6 makes it possible to quickly and easily deploy public cloud resources for the storage infrastructure.

Save costs

In addition, with the release that has now been released, companies should be able to reduce their operational IT costs in the light of new opportunities. For example, it is possible to optimize data placement, because companies are now able to automatically and efficiently move data through all layers of storage. This is done on a policy basis, and ensures that there is always access to critical data when needed.

IT efficiency can be improved with a single, scalable storage solution that meets all storage requirements for containerized and cloud workloads, no matter where they are located.

SUSE Enterprise Storage should be widely available from the end of June this year.

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