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Apptio has signed an agreement to take over the eight year old startup Cloudability for an unknown amount. The startup specializes in tracking costs across multiple clouds. Apptio makes software that helps companies to get a better grip on their IT spending.

Apptio, a provider of solutions for the financial and administrative management of cloud environments, states that the specialty of Cloudability fits well in the existing Cloud Business Management service for hybrid IT management, writes Silicon Angle. “Even if there are some small overlaps, the two technologies have a lot of complementary features,” says Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta. “The intention is to bring the best opportunities to our customers.”

Growing concerns

Cost tracking is a growing concern for end users of cloud services, as the use of such services grows with the number of end users. It is difficult to monitor the use of cloud resources, which can lead to wasteful actions, such as server instances that continue to run when they are no longer needed.

“We see even smaller teams running tens of millions of discrete instances in a year,” said Cloudability CEO Mat Ellis. “Several large companies have started to track cloud costs. For example, VMware bought CloudHealth Technologies last summer and added their cost management capabilities to its multicloud lines.

According to Apptio, Cloudability’s Financial Operations Platform now manages over $9 billion of enterprise cloud spending across its three major public cloud platforms. Cloudability also has about 250 customers.


Apptio says it plans to integrate the power of Cloudability into DevOps, including reserved instance planning, predictive forecasting and integrations with popular workflow platforms. “This is one of many acquisitions that relate to how we want to set up Apptio as a general system for managing all kinds of technologies.

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