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The French tech company Dassault Systems acquires Medidata Solutions in an all-cash deal worth 5.8 billion dollars (5.1 billion euros). Medidata creates software that is used to monitor the progress of clinical trials.

“It’s a logical evolution of the scope of what we do,” says Bernard Charles, president and CEO of Dassault Systems, opposite CNBC. “Life sciences are going through an accelerated digitisation of their own processes. That’s the motivation for Dassault Systems to buy Medidata Solutions.”

Dassault sells software to transport, aviation and life sciences companies to help them digitize their business. The company’s 3D design tools help organizations with virtual product designs and enable digital simulation in product development.


Medidata was founded in 1999 and went public ten years later. The company creates software that is used by clinics to manage their back-office operations and their data. The company also offers analytics tools that allow clinics to select large amounts of data. This tool is also used by companies that make medical devices to follow the process of their clinical trials.

“Medidata has always been a very well run company and a big one in his space,” says Bijan Salehizadeh, a medical technology investor at NaviMed Capital. “Medidata saw its sales increase 17 percent last year, to $635.7 million. The company then reported a net income of 51.9 million dollars. At the moment, it has a market value of $5.9 billion. In the past year the shares increased by 17 percent and after the news of the acquisition they rose another 6 percent.

With Medidata, Dassault can continue to grow without giving up profitability. In addition, the company can expand into the medical market.

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