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From Devops to Devsecops: with version 12 of Gitlab, the company of the same name wants to offer an end-to-end platform in which the entire life cycle of an application is managed, from the first lines of code to deployment and now also security.

Gitlab stops the sec in Devsecops. The company expands its service with integrated security management. This means that organisations can currently manage the entire life cycle of their application via Gitlab. The platform covers apps from the first lines of code, through testing to rollout in production and updates and retrospective management. Now that pipeline is being extended with a security hatch.

New features

On the one hand, version twelve involves the integration of recently rolled out functions such as security dashboards, auto remediation and security approvals. On the other hand, Gitlab integrates several brand new functions. In concrete terms, you will find the most important innovations in two places.

For security professionals, Gitlab wants to make it easier than ever to build apps with as few security issues as possible. To this end, the dashboards provide insight into the status of vulnerabilities, while auto remediation provides automatic patches for problems where possible. Finally, security approvals ensure that security teams are aware of merge requests in situations where security plays a crucial role.

Continuous delivery

Gitlab also provides a number of new features to help ITops people with their support. This gives Gitlab 12 incident management and feature flags. Finally, the operations dashboard provides a complete overview.

Gitlab originated as a guitar client similar to Gitbub, but in recent years grew into a platform with the ambition to integrate and automate the entire production pipeline of an app. The reasoning is that continuous delivery and speed are more important than ever. Those who can iterate quickly can innovate quickly and remain competitive. The introduction of the security component in the workflow fits in with this ambition. Gitlab 12.0 is available immediately.

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