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Less than half of IT managers say they have confidence in the security of their company’s data. This is the conclusion of a worldwide survey of 5,000 IT managers conducted by Oracle.

Only 47 percent of IT managers say they have great confidence in their data management skills, writes IT Pro.

However, as a department, IT managers seem to have the most confidence in this. Only 43 percent of the financial managers had a lot of confidence in their data security. This is 41 percent for marketing and 35 percent for HR.

Little confidence in Germany

There are also differences between countries. More than 60 percent of the decision makers in Brazil, India and Japan state that their data is easy to manage. In Germany and Australia the number is much lower, with 18 and 22 percent respectively.

The fact that confidence in these countries is much lower is probably due to strict rules. In Europe this is the GDPR and in Australia there are also strict data rules in place. In India and Brazil, the rules are much more flexible.

There is also behaviour that lowers confidence in data management. This concerns, for example, the use of unfamiliar devices and too little attention to data reliability. This behavior may occur because employees do not understand a company’s data policy, or because there is confusion about who is responsible for managing and implementing the policy.


Research by Palo Alto Networks at the beginning of July shows that the Dutch have a lot of confidence in the security of their personal data, although there is a demand for more information on this subject.

However, the Dutch appear to be doing less to protect their professional data. For example, 28 per cent use the campsite’s or hotel’s wifi network for their work phones. These networks are accessible to everyone and therefore also attractive to hackers.

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