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Google Cloud and VMware have partnered, so the cloud service now also supports VMware workloads. This is made possible via a platform managed by CloudSimple.

The new service allows customers to run VMware vSphere based workloads in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). CloudSimple is building a software defined data center on the Google Cloud Platform. After migrating workloads to this VMware data center in GCP, customers get full native access to the entire VMware stack. These include vCenter, vSAN and NSX-T.

Google Cloud corporate vice president Kevin Ichhpurani explains to ZDNet that the CloudSimple platform was chosen because it offers unique technology not only to migrate the workloads, but also to build an elastic and scalable consumption model for customers.

Hybrid cloud environment

Google offers first line support to customers in all this. In doing so, it works closely with CloudSimple to provide support as well as the required SLAs. The service, Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple, will be released later this year in the marketplace of Google Cloud.

Sanjay Poonen of VMware states that with VMware on GCP, customers can take advantage of all known VMware products and solutions and their investments in VMware tools and training will not be lost when rolling out their cloud strategies. In this way, customers can quickly bring new services to market and operate them seamlessly and securely in a hybrid cloud environment.

According to Ichhpurani, the collaboration is mainly a result of joint customers who came to Google and VMware with unique use cases. For example, some customers wanted to leave the data centre, while others wanted to develop new applications in an elastic model.

VMware collaborations

The Google Cloud Platform is not the only cloud provider to have a partnership with VMware. Earlier this year, VMware announced a cloud partnership with Microsoft, in the form of Azure VMware Solutions. This allows users to deploy VMware workloads native to Azure. The CloudSimple platform also uses this solution. VMware also has a similar partnership with IBM. The most important cloud collaboration for VMware is that with Amazon Web Services, which dates from 2016 and on AWS VMware builds the software defined data center itself. VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger informed Techzine earlier this year that AWS is the preferred cloud partner.

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